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*EDITION 2 : VOLUME 21 - Is Jesus Coming Soon?

The featured article in this magazine expounds on the question "Is Jesus Coming Soon?" View excerpts from this Magazine below. To order this magazine send your name and address to Ask for Volume 21: Edition 2.

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Is Jesus Coming Soon?

Verily I say unto you, that this generation shall not pass, till all these things be done Mark 13:30

       For whatever reason you are waiting for Jesus to return can your faith be tested as to assure the Bible does say He would return any time after the first century? if your bible does not affirm this, then are you waiting in vain like so many other millions of Christians? As of right now so many years has passed since I was a little boy. I can remember going to the local church and hearing people loudly proclaiming "Jesus is coming soon". That has been some 40 or 50 years ago. However; Jesus did not come soon. Since I have grown in the scriptures I have found that Jesus did not come soon because the bible does not state that He would be returning soon to our generation nor our grand parents generation. The bible specifically states that Jesus would return to His generation which was the first century generation. If I had lived in the first century it stands to reason that I could have truly expected Jesus to return soon. In this present generation and going back generations that post date the first century; sincere thinking people have given the signs of Jesus' return from the wrong message to Christians even up until this very day.

        Ironically the surprise is that in all the years that has passed, there has become an increasing sentiment of the idea that Jesus is coming soon. This is not only the case; but there are also self proclaimed religious genuises that have set all kind of dates for the return of Christ. All of them have been wrong. However; I have found that this practice dates back to the early days of the Church. Of course during the passage of that time, the subject of the second coming of Christ was not strongly taught as it is today. What really astounds me is that even after all the predictions has failed, modern day Christians do the same thing and they should know better or should have learned by now that the bible does not teach a scenario that says - Jesus is expected to return any time after the first century. The practice of predicting the return of Jesus will continue until we as a Church learns  specifically what prophecy is all about.  

      Up until now any one that has predicted the return of Christ has been absolutely wrong. Any one you can think of; even Jack Van Impe who predicted Christ would return in the 90's. Hal Linsey made a fortune wrongly predicting the return of Christ that would supposedly happen in the 80's. There's even Grant Jeffery predictions that Christ would return in his generation.

        Have you ever wondered where these noted Christian figures get this idea that they are experts on the subject of dating Christ's return? Surely if you studied your bible you would notice that their concept of dating the return of Christ is not biblical. In saying that they were all wrong must be qualified by saying "only those who predicted or talked about a soon to return Christ before seventy A.D. were correct. Also during our studies we can see that the writers of the New Testament said Jesus would return soon. Even Jesus himself said He would soon be returning, and furthermore He would be returning to that generation.

      Whenever the time factor was mentioned for Jesus' second return; it was always that of nearness or imminence and putting it precisely in that generation/their generation. Jesus gave only His disciples and first century advocates the authority to be definite as to when He would return and that return was narrowed down as to be during the course of their(that) generation.

John 14:19: Yet a little while , and the world seeth me no more;....... Does "no more" means "no more"?

       The main reason that most Christians are waiting for Christ to return is because they hear someone tell them He was going to return. The average unsuspecting Christian who is waiting for Christ to return cannot find what they believe in scriptures. Are you too waiting for Christ to return? If so; why? Can you find it in the Scriptures that He promised to return anytime after 1st century Jerusalem? Please quiz yourself. Better yet can you find in the Scriptures where Jesus ever promised to return in humanly body form? What does Jesus mean when He says in John 14:19:Yet a little while and the world seeth me no more;....... Does "no more" means "no more"? In previous issues of THE REDEEMER MAGAZINE I have pointed out that Christ did return in judgement upon Israel and to manifest His power and His Kingdom during the first century generation at the time of the destruction of the Temple and the destruction of Jerusalem. I Strongly believe without a doubt that the coming referred to was the same coming mentioned so many times in the New Testament when nearness or imminience was joined to it.

     Don't you think it is high time that you know the truth of why you are waiting for Jesus to return or know what the bible really means and not what someone is telling you? Do not take my word for it; instead read it in the Scriptures.


 All articles in this magazine are written in whole or part by Dr. Otis T. Williams Sr. Th.D.....© 2014  These articles are the literary properties of Otis Media Publications Syndication Inc.©

Is Jesus Coming Soon?

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