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Dr. Otis T. Williams Sr. Th. D.

THE REDEEMER MAGAZINE was first published in 2001. It begin out of a desire to learn and understand the Bible. This desire was something that could not be fulfilled in regular church and Sunday school attendnce. To fulfill this desire; I set out on my own to take on a challenge I found out could only be achieved with the Help of the Lord. With much prayer and patience; the Lord put a ministry in my heart and a plan in my spirit. The plan is to create a vessel to carry a simple message that would be a learning tool to promote studying and a message to be understood easily by the least learned individual. It is to also be a mechanism to induce the process of thinking. Thereafter the ministry of producing and promoting THE REDEEMER MAGAZINE was born. Being influenced by the Spirit; the phrase "The Magazine for Thinking Christians" came into being.

            In preparing my mind for the journey; the most important thing that God showed to me was to free my mind of the preconceived ideas of dispensationalism. Although being hard-headed, God allowed my transition from milk to meat to be very rewarding. Yes my frend; the milk that the writer of Hebrews talks about in the New testament is the (Old Covenant) and the meat being the (New Covenant). Hebrew 5:13: For every one that useth milk is unskilful in the word of righteousness: for he is a babe. 14:But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil. God promised until I put away the things of the Old Covenant I would forever remain stagnant in my learning and walk with Christ. I put those things away and my mind was transformed unto righteousness. The righteousness of the mind is Jesus Christ.

          Those that has watched, studied and read THE REDEEMER MAGAZINE has seen it transform from the dispensational view to that of a study of eschatology which is very prelavent throughout the bible; especially the New Testament. Although THE REDEEMER MAGAZINE is very untraditional it's main focus is on the transition from the Old Covenant to the implementation and uses of the importance of the New Covenant.

Dr. Otis T. Williams Sr. Th. D.


May God continue to give me the strength and resolve to provide this vessel to as many that has the desire to break tradition. May God bless.

Dr. Otis T. Williams Sr. Th. D.

Address:1932 Southwood Place * Jackson, Ms 39213


Born June 23, 1953 - Brookhaven, Ms

Lives in Jackson, Ms. 

Employed: OSARC -  Ms. State Agency - Engineer Technician - since 1994

Th. D. - Thelogical Studies - Trinity Theological Institue  2010

M.DIV - Theological Studies - 2008

B.MIN - Bachelor of Ministry - 2004

Harvard University Graduate School of Design - 1984 - Certified Terrain Analyst

Defense Mapping School - Cartography/Terrain Analyst - 1980 & 1982

United States Army - Specialist 6 - 1975 - 1984

Ordained Minister under Baptist Doctrine - 2001

Owner/operator of Otis Sportswear and ScreenPrinting - 1991

Founder/owner of Website: - 2007

Founder/owner of Website: - 2013

Owner/C.E.O. of Otis Media Publications Syndication Inc. - 2004

Editor/Publisher of THE REDEEMER MAGAZINE - 2001 - Published in Jackson , Ms

Profession skills; Cartographer....Christian Writer....Christian Motivational Speaker....Screen Printer....Entrepreneur....Caterer....Civil Engineer Drafter/Technician....New Covenant Bible Class Teacher....